At first, it was Service Management which is one of three programs  when CITI University (one of the oldest known Mongoljingoo) was established in 1998 then it has first history which has been opened with 17 students enrolled at this University.

It has been cooperated with well-known teachers, Mr, P. Jasrai, General Minister of Mongolia, Mr, N. Tserenpil, N. Natsagdorj, Ph.Doc in Finance in making intellectual investment at first.

In 2004  Management Department was established to the Faculty of Business Management by Order No. 01/02 of Director 2008  and after it, it was expanded by the order No. 01 of the Director on January 04, 2016 the establishment of Business school.

Our colleague consists of teachers with masters and doctoral degrees in prestigious and internationally renowned schools.

We have cooperated with best professionals in business and economics sections. For example, Mr. D.Bayelkhuu, Consultant of Prime Minister of Mongolia, Honored Economist, Mr, L.Otgonbayar,  Deputy Director of State Administration and Management Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and Mr, G.Turtogtokh, former Member of Parliament, Mr,  Munkhtogt, /Ph.D/, General Manager of MBA Program of Management Administration and other many of the creators professionals.

Our school is stepping up to increase the number of students abroad and intensifying student exchange. In 2014, it was elected as partner organization in Mongolia from Erasmus Mundus Mobility Asia / EMMA / in the exchange of education scholarship of Universities in European countries  and two teachers and 5 masters have successfully attended in France, Italy and Poland in the sphere of this program from 2015-2016.

We have an English language training programs from the academic year of 2016-2017 and have a curriculum and its academic standards. It has special importance as it enables our students to become educated at an international level.

Since 2012 it has  engaging training programs in master’s degree and a PhD course from 2015 will be implemented and future training system will be implemented by Mongolians who are living in rural areas and overseas.