Citi University was opened a course of bachelor’s degree in beauty professionals in 1998  with 30 students enrolled in the School of Beauty. It has played great importance by Mrs, L. Myadagmaa, professional and studied in Poland and Mr, L. Gavaa, primary physician for skin care in Mongolia, D.Otgonjargal, physician of the United 2nd Hospital and Mrs, O. Baigali, Manager of “Baigali Salon” to develop and realize the training programs at firstly.

Mr, G. Nyamdavaa, Professor of academic and scientific studies has been  taught in micro-biology and O. Oyunchimid, member of Mongolian Parliament has lecturer in hygiene.

My colleagues are happy to have done so many times in the past as a sole school of beauty education in Mongolia. First of all, it has developed a school curriculum and program that meets tertiary education standards based on its many years of experience and has been grown into teaching staff and material resource.

All lecturers are led by professional teachers from South Korea, Belgium, Germany and Germany. Since 2014, students in cosmetic arts and technologists program specialize in the field of Arts-Hairdresser, Hairdresser-stylist, and Third Class according to modern needs and trends from third course.

Our achievements are 90% of our accomplishments who have been found working place successfully.  Beauty is one of the top 50 professionals in the world. The number of enrollments is increasing year by year.

Our students has been participated in the TV Show which is continuing presenting during the three seasons of the show, all of the top eight actors have been transformed by Mr, G. Khos-Erdene, Leader employee of Culture of Mongolia, Master of Cosmetology, SFX-artist of beauty school and its student of beauty programs. The team is   working with a team of students who are successful in the backdrop of the show which broadcasting  from Education Channel TV with the exclusive international rights issue.