The school provide as specialists in English and Russian, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, teacher-pre-school / day and correspondence courses. The teaching team has a master’s degree, and English teachers have successfully completed the FARO International education group in Mongolia and Oxford International Education Group in 2017, fulfilling the requirements of TESOL  and successfully completed the international training course of teachers.

Our department cooperated with professional teachers from Korea, Japan and USA. Students from Foreign Language’s course also go to foreign universities and colleges in cooperation with in starting from 3 courses and to make internships.

We changed our traditional English language training to non-professional learners, set them up in the first course and awarded the “Certificate” to every graduation stage. It is designed to offer students with IELTS and TOEFL scores. The department operates a “Foreign Language Center” with the purpose of European-Asian Language Training and Practice  and the center offers elementary, intermediate and advanced training course. It also prepares Enrollment General Exams in English.

We are successfully organized the Olympiad of English- Bridge of Success every year from 2015 to our school-age students.