Vision: It will allow world education in Mongolia.
Mission: Prepare a person with a human, cultural, and high level of knowledge.
The motto: Your future – our pride.

Thank you for visiting the CITI University web site! 20 years ago, our school was founded in 1998. In 2005 and 2010, the National Accreditation Board’s National Accreditation Board was accredited at the primary and advanced level, and was certified in MECS in 2012. In 2010, Oyu College, one of the first private institutes, Tsog institute were joined the university in 2011, and started the program of foreign language and teaching.

Currently there are 7 branches in the CITI University. These are:

  • School of Business and Management;
  • School of Humanities;
  • School of Architecture and Design;
  • School of Arts;
  • Beauty school;
  • School of Law, and;
  • Branch school in Bayan-Ulgii.

Year by year number of students is increasing studying at a bachelor’s, master’s or doctor’s degree in over 20 professions / programs. City University is located in the A-zone of Ulaanbaatar city, on the west coast of the Selbe River and the most favorable environment for training. Our material base, teaching staff, and quality of training are improving year by year. There are also a number of international projects and programs, and has been successfully selected as a Partner in the Mongolian Erasmus Mundus Mobility Asia Program of Higher Education Fellowship in 2013.

In the short term, English classes will be offered professional courses. In doing so, our students will be able to study abroad with foreign students, to study abroad and to study at a masters and doctoral degree.

In addition to the A school building, B-building that has 4-storey sports hall has recently been open for use. Visit the Study environment in the Home page section to have introduced with learning environment for students.