Below is an estimate of the costs for your education including both educational and living expenses on the basis of 10 month study at the CITI UNIVERSITY.

Tuition fees

The tuition fees at the CITI UNIVERSITY are very low compared to the fees of the other foreign universities and institutions. The tuition fee for 2019-2020 is stated below:

Mongolian language preparation program /1 year/ 2600USD 1500 3,952,000
Undergraduate programs 2600USD 1500 3,952,000
Master’s programs 2800USD 2280 6,000,000
Doctorate’s programs 3000USD 2500 6,600,000
Application fee 20USD 10 26,350

Please note that students (under the Cultural Agreement and Agreement between universities) are exempt from tuition fees and application fees.

Living costs and accommodation

Please note if a student wants to rent an apartment outside the student’s dormitory, the monthly rental for accommodation will be varied.

Health Insurance

Health insurance should be arranged before arrival in Mongolia.