Applying to study at CITI UNIVERSITY

Academic studies at CITI UNIVERSITY

The office of the university registrar

Admission requirements for International Students

Application procedure for international students

Application deadline



It is open for any foreign citizens to submit applications in order to study, specialize or work as a researcher at the CITI UNIVERSITY regardless of their locations.

Educational background

International applicants who are interested in pursuing degree programs at the CITI UNIVERSITY should have acquired previous educational background equivalent to standards of Mongolia. Although, it is not required from foreign citizens who wish to attend a Mongolian language preparation program, but students shall be at least 18 years old and be fully liable for legality.

Mongolian language proficiency

Most courses and programs are conducted in Mongolian at the CITI UNIVERSITY. So international applicants who are interested in enrolling a degree program or attending exchange programs should provide the evidence of Mongolian language proficiency and submit an official document or a certificate at the time of application or admission. Those who have no knowledge or elementary level of Mongolian language can attend the one year or one semester intensive Mongolia language programs. After successful completion of these programs, the student can apply for a degree program at the CITI UNIVERSITY.




Please note that international students who want to attend joint programs with other universities or organizations or exchange programs in English are exempt from Mongolian language requirements.






International students are also requested to meet admission requirements of the respective department or/and school of the CITI UNIVERSITY.







Application process


–         Submit your application and supporting documents on-line at http://burtgel.CITI (The English version of the website for International applicants is under construction)


The on-line application will be accepted by the Office of the University registrar. Late applications will be not accepted or processed.


Based on the academic level of studies or for Mongolian language preparation program, the supporting documents for submission will be varied.


A list of supporting documents


–         After submission of application and requested documents, the certified copies of the following documents should be submitted by the deadline of application to the Office of the University registrar in person or by post. Please note that the submitted documents will be not returned.


Requested documents:


o   Certified copy of Diploma and transcript

o   Two reference letters from Professors or employees who can describe the applicant’s educational background, work experience and research methodology.

o   Certified copies of language proficiency


Selection and assessment process


–         After the receipt of documents, the application of International students will be processed within 2 weeks. In collaboration with the respective departments of component schools at the CITI UNIVERSITY, the Office of University registrar will be responsible for selection process of applicants. If necessary, the Department of the Mongolian Language will organize a Mongolian language exam through on-line.


–         The list of selected applicants will be submitted to the Ministry of Education and Science for final assessment.



Notification of Acceptance and visa process


After the official assessment process, the Ministry of Education and Science will send the Acceptance letter of the CITI UNIVERSITY by e-mail, fax and post.  The Acceptance letter of the CITI UNIVERSITY will include information on visa process, first installment of tuition fee to be paid before commencement of studies and the date and venue for Mongolian language exams (Those who will attend the Mongolian language preparation program will take this exam in person to determine their level of Mongolian language).


Please note that the Acceptance letter of the CITI UNIVERSITY is valid for two consecutive academic years.