Library and Computer Service

The CITI UNIVERSITY has a Library in the main building in Mongolian, English and Russian as well as academic journals and periodicals. The Library owns an electronic database of its collection available for both students and staff. The Library has a comfortable learning environment for all students.



Denver Street -1

Sukhbaatar district

Ulaanbaatar 34 BOX-20/231


Health Service and Insurance

For international students, it is advised to have a full medical check-up before your arrival in Mongolia. The medical form must be completed by a doctor in advance.

In addition, it is advised to have accident and health insurance during your stay in Mongolia. In case of accident or serious health problems, if you are insured, an insurance company will pay your treatment fees. If you have health insurance, you will have free emergency service, medical check-up and treatment at district hospitals and if necessary diagnosis and treatment at specialized hotels of Mongolia such as the Central University Hospital.

The CITI UNIVERSITY has its own Health Center which provides free medical service to all students expect dentistry.

It is open from Monday to Friday at 9.00-18.00



1st floor, CITI UNIVERSITY Student’s Dormitory No.1

Tel: 319077, 77307730 (ext 1075, 1076)