Flight centre and wotif return with two different travel tales

Flight centre and wotif return with two different travel tales.

For over 100 years, the Air Force Museum in Colorado Springs has been proudly presenting the nation’s first-ever exhibition that traces the history of World War II. Air Force Museum guests will experience a full-color photo-realistic version of the time and explore a history-driven exhibit showcasing photographs of the men and women who served on the p바카라사이트lanes that made the difference in the Pacific and Atlantic oceans.

The exhibition, entitled “Luxury Air Travel: Women in Air Power,” features more than 100 pieces of unique memorabilia and artwork from the museum’s collection jarvees.comof World War II vintage aircraft, which are being sold at auction. Each piece features an iconic plane name and some special notes and messages that are said to describe the passengers who were aboard, during or after the mission. The gallery will be displayed in the Boeing Museum, located in downtown Denver, before continuing on to other gallerie바카라사이트s in the Denver area including Boeing Museum’s historic Aviation History Gallery, which features over 130 pieces from one of the most important aviation museum exhibitions of all time.

A number of the items in the collection are part of the museum’s Historic Air-World Series, which features artifacts from aviation past and present from world events and aircraft of the Pacific, Atlantic and Mediterranean air combat zones. For example, the Air Force Museum’s Vintage Warbirds collection showcases aircraft that were among the earliest to fly, like the B-17 Flying Fortress and the Douglas P-51 Mustang, two fighters never seen again after World War II.

“These are artifacts which will tell the story of women who spent a lifetime on planes that provided them with everything they needed to live up to the American ideals they knew were necessary for their flight,” said Jim Taylor, the director of the Air Force Museum. “There was such a rich, diverse and historic history here, and what we are celebrating is the incredible people and story of those who made this great nation possible.”

The Air Force Museum has presented women-only tours and exhibits during World War II to many of the nation’s leading and largest corporations, the military families of American servicemen and women, and military, civil and commercial aviation enthusiasts.

The exhibit will be shown from 11 a.m. until 2:30 p.m., Monday through Saturday, at the Museum of the Air.

For more information about the exhibition, please visit airmenmuseum.org/fww-women and email us at airmuseum@comcast.net.

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