No love lost in new a league rivalry

No love lost in new a league rivalry? Don’t blame the referees.

A game between the Toronto Raptors and Houston Rockets was delayed for a bit Thursday morning due to a late-game ejection that came after the referees failed to clear an on-court scrum that ensued between Rockets forward Dwight Howard and Raptors forward Terrence Ross during a timeout of the first quarter of game two on Thursday.

Toronto announced the delay and Ross was sent to the locker room after an altercation with a ref that started at the 3-point line when an altercation went back and forth. Howard was ejected for grabbing the air after the altercation, as reported by Twitter user @trevorsteeg:

I’ll admit that Terrence Ross gets ejected when he grabs air after an on-court scrum with the Raptors! The refs say that’s NOT what they meant더킹카지노cUzT — The Trevor of G.P. (@trevorsmeggie) April 12, 2015

Houston center James Harden also tweeted about the ejection from his standpoint.

I was going to give Houston a little push with a refs’ scuffle with Dwight, but my guess is the refs went the extra mile with this ejection. It was not an air grab, I just did not see it — James Harden (@JHarden723) April 12, 2015

The referee’s actions have been the subject of much debate since the altercation between the two players took place and led to a lengthy scuffle that did not go well. But Rockets forward Chandler Parsons didn’t like the referee’s actions after the incident, making the following comment on Twitter.

Folks it’s a very important time to let this situation in the league have its turn at the ref’s door. My teammates were screaming fouls and I tho더킹카지노ught we were getting some help from the refs, and they threw me out of the game! — Chandler Parsons (@chandyparsons723) April 12, 2015

The refs may have felt that the ejection did not come at the 더킹카지노expense of Houston, but it had already been too long. The Rockets are the reigning NBA champions, won the 2015-16 Eastern Conference Finals and advanced to the second round of the playoffs last year.